Reflection on Gen Z


Knowing our students and what interests, engages and concerns them is essential to the curriculum and pedagogies we adopt in the classroom. The lecturer this morning in defining the differences between GEN X, Y and Z highlighted the fact that Gen Z – our students – has grown up in a world never not knowing the internet, mobile phones and digital citenzship. He rightly stated that they’d also grown up with issues surrounding CFC and climate change and what he described as a “big one” – water shortages.

Four Opinions About the Crisis Facing Humanity

What the lecturer said reminded me of this cartoon which might be interpretted on one level as everyone having a different opinion and never coming together … or each speech bubble just being a metaphor for those big issues – from top left to bottom right: pollution-fuelled climate change; globalisation (web); water; and dreamtime (land rights and reconciliation). These issues have a significant place in the curriculum I believe.