Voice Thread


Voice Thread: a powerful tool of communication and collaboration in the classroom

The power of student and peer collaboration in the classroom can be easily realised by harnessing this kind of web 2 tool to your 21st century pedagogy. Voice Thread enables a teacher to upload an image along with voice recordings, links to other web pages and even video instructions about how s/he wants students to view or respond to the image. Students who are invited into the collaboration group by the teacher are able to add text comments, audio comments or video comments which are available to all members in the circle for listening, reading and viewing. In this example I’ve loaded above, you can click your cursor over the play button triggering a succession of my video and audio instructions to the class. Students have all be invited to view the image and add comments (text, audio or video) about other strands they would add to the mind map or to simply make additional comments about something they learnt in the class. They have also been directed from this image to another I created in Thinglink where even more textual information has been added. In the flipped classroom, this additional Thinglink file will prepare them for the information we will tackle in the next lesson.





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