One thought on “Apps, Ipads, Iphones … and spelling?

  1. I am inspired by your determination to find a way to improve students spelling. When I was on prac I as a PDHPE teacher noticed this as well students loved to be spoon feed or liked using their Electronic gadgets to check the spelling of words. It was amazing to see that when students where completing work on their computers or other devices that they were more engaged and less words that were yelled out to spell. It could have simply been because of spell check but I believe if then environment and task is common to these students then they are more likely to engage. Is it really that harmful for students to complete their work on computers? At least it’s getting done I say. Teachers need to embrace all the New media and ICTs within their classroom to enhance the teaching/learning environment. I look forward to trying this App within my classroom it looks very fun and engaging for students and enhances their learning which as a teacher excites me.
    Thank you for all your knowledge and blogging it has been very helpful and insightful to read.

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